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Is Climate Change Happening?

Is Climate Change Happening?

A recent survey of the Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) membership, based on 2,967 responses, has revealed that 83% of respondents believe climate change is happening (go to for full report), and 74% of those individuals believe that climate change is a manmade phenomenon, with 85% indicating that the federal government should take action to combat the negative effects of climate change.

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Projects Honored for Measurable Energy and Cost Savings

Six projects supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) have been recognized by the Greater New York Construction User CouncilLink opens in new window – close new window to return to this page. (GNYCUC) as some of the year’s most outstanding construction projects in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

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10 Pinterest Boards for Green Builders

There’s a reason Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform of all time, and the third most popular overall after Facebook and Twitter. The big, bright photos (and very little text) in a broad range of categories—from travel to architecture to “geek”—makes it very easy to get hooked.

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NYSERDA Aiming to Help New York Meet Energy Goals

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is a public benefit corporation created in 1975 under Article 8, Title 9 [PDF] and Title 9A[PDF] of the State Public Authorities Law through the reconstitution of the New York State Atomic and Space Development Authority.

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The Most Energy Efficient City in the US

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office in January, green building advocates lose a strong ally. But they are determined to make sure his shoes are filled to their liking.

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NY Electric Grid to Accommodate Clean Energy

Funding Supports Energy Highway Blueprint to Develop “Smart Grid” Technologies to Improve Power Flows, Promote Clean Energy and Lower Costs to Consumers

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The Evolution of Intelligent Energy Efficiency

We are now on the verge of a third revolution, argues economist Jeremy Rifkin. This one will be abetted by the convergence of the internet and distributed energy, creating new ways to do business, communicate, and build wealth. Rifkin calls this a “new economic paradigm for the 21st century.”

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New CVR Tech Challenging Existing Voltage Regulations

Voltage regulation has been a critical part of power system operation since Thomas Edison first lit electric lights over Menlo Park on New Year’s Eve in 1880. For many years, electric utility companies initiated load reductions during critical peak load periods by reducing voltages delivered to air conditioners, home appliances and industrial machinery.