Compressed Air


Controlling Compressed Air Costs

The installation of Flow Meters in large facilities with multiple air compressors allows the operators to compare compressor usage and adjust them for optimum efficiencies.

Industrial Efficiency

Heat Recovery off Compressed Air System

Cooking up Savings for Major Bakery May 2, 2014 The solution was designed to improve the performance of an existing compressor, and to incorporate a new compressor which will recover up to 50kW of heat energy, utilizing the reclaimed heat for process heat, thus providing energy efficiency and lower running costs. Press Release     


Get Rid of Compressed Air For Lower TCO

A recent total cost comparison demonstrates that electric linear drives, at current prices for components and electricity, pay for themselves within a few months even for simple point-to-point motions with two end positions.

most energy-efficient state energy efficiency scorecard Process Efficiency-real-time evaluations

Running Costs Dominate TCO for Air Systems

With electricity costs at an all time high, there are a number of areas manufacturers can focus on to reduce their spiraling compressed air generating costs.

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Compressed Air Piping Solutions

Maintaining the efficiency of a compressed air system is a constant battle, with leaks being a considerable source of the problem.