Clean Grid Technology


World’s First “Solar Battery” Runs on Light and Air

Key to the innovation is a mesh solar panel, which allows air to enter the battery, and a special process for transferring electrons between the solar panel and the battery electrode. Inside the device, light and oxygen enable different parts of the chemical reactions that charge the battery.


Electricity and the Sharing Economy: A Thought Exercise

On Friday I took a ride home from a stranger in his car, Saturday morning I bought food on the street from someone I don’t know, and this winter I might vacation in the home of a family I’ve never met. It’s not crazy, its Uber, my farmer’s market, and Airbnb. It’s the sharing economy, and electricity could be next.

process efficiency

Facility Scale Energy Storage

The growth of grid-connected renewable electricity sources and distributed generation is creating a rapidly emerging market for the deployment of energy storage technologies. To date, much of the focus has been on utility-scale projects.


Influx Of Energy Users in NY Boroughs Brings Grid into Spotlight

In the few years since the 2010 census, estimates have shown population growth in NYC, especially in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. From 2010 to 2013, Brooklyn’s population grew by 3.5% and Queens’ population grew by 2.9%. Increasingly, New Yorkers are opting to live in these boroughs.


It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? It’s a Wind Turbine!

Tucked away in the suburbs of Boston is Greentown Labs, a clean-tech incubator and shared work space that has grown from just three companies to nearly fifty promoting sustainable and clean energy solutions. Among these is a start-up called Altaeros Energies, which is pushing the boundaries of conventional wind power.