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Has Commercial Energy Storage Reached the Tipping Point?

Has Commercial Energy Storage Reached the Tipping Point?

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits There are strong signs that commercial, or behind-the-meter, energy storage has turned a corner in regards technical maturity, commercial value, and ultimately, financial credibility. A report issued by Sandia National Laboratories in August says that many sources believe that the commercial energy storage market is currently at the “tipping point,”

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New England’s Largest Battery Project Aids Grid Stabilization

Lisa Markowski, ERS, for Zondits New England’s largest state is also home to its largest battery storage project, which began operation in December 2016 at the Wyman Energy Center in Yarmouth, Maine. This supersized battery, which consists of eight individual battery units (each the size of a freight container), holds a total of 1,300 lithium

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Brooklyn Apartment Complex Combines PV, Fuel Cells, and Storage for Microgrid

Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits Marcus Garvey Apartments in Brooklyn will soon be the site of a hybrid distributed energy system. The housing complex developed and owned by L+M Development Partners will receive a project loan from the New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) to add fuel cells and storage to the existing PV

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Energy Management Solutions for Smart Factories and Green Buildings

Smart factory and green building solutions CAN Newsletter, September 26, 2016 Delta presented a spectrum of automation and energy management solutions with leading energy efficiency for smart factories, green buildings, renewable energy systems, EV charging networks, and more. At the Hanover Fair this year Delta has introduced and now offers the following solutions: Industrial automation

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The Sharing Economy’s Impact on the Energy Industry

Amanda Gassé, ERS, for Zondits There is an extremely powerful dynamic that has shifted the commercial and cultural relationships in our economy. Technology has, and continues to, enable trust between strangers and is changing the way consumers do business, both locally and globally. By engaging in collaborative consumption in marketplaces, like Airbnb and Etsy, we are

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4 New Bills in California Encourage Energy Storage Deployment

California accelerates energy storage deployment with new legislation Energy Storage News, September 28, 2016 California state legislature and governor Jerry Brown have signed into law four key new energy bills that are set to accelerate energy storage deployment in the Golden State. Bill AB 1637 follows up on the previous victory that storage experienced with recent Self

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Turning Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells into Energy Storage Vaults

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits A startup company, Quidnet Energy, founded by Aaron Mandell and Howard Schmidt, has the potential to drastically lower the cost of energy storage. The pilot project implemented in 2015 uses excess electricity to pump large volumes of water into an abandoned natural gas well in Texas at high pressures. When

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Massachusetts Legislature Passes an Energy Storage Mandate

Bay State storage: New law could give Massachusetts 3rd US energy storage mandate Utility Dive, August 9, 2016 The Massachusetts legislature last week passed a bill that could make the state one of only three in the nation to have an energy storage mandate. Gov. Charlie Baker (R) signed the landmark measure Aug. 9. “Irrespective of the eventual target,