Energy Efficiency

RMI’s Campus Work To Advance Deep Energy Retrofits

Since 2009, RMI’s work to advance deep energy retrofits has focused on a multi-pronged approach to scaling: 1) collaborate with project teammates, owners, and other fast movers who learn from and copy pioneering deep retrofit projects, 2) engage entire portfolios and campuses of buildings to impact more than scattered singular building retrofits, and 3) develop new, better, and more comprehensive ways of assessing risk and value associated with deep green buildings

Energy Efficiency

Common Misconceptions of Smart Building Technology

Buildings around the world are demonstrating “smart” behavior today, thanks to automated systems that save energy, streamline building operations and prevent expensive equipment failures. Yet the value of making smart technology investments remains unclear to many people. Here are some of the misconceptions our smart building experts deal with as they help clients improve the performance and value of their properties.

Building Efficiency

Utilities Prioritizing Commercial Customers While Increasing Efficiency Savings

Recently, communication between utilities and their customers mostly revolved around charges listed on customers’ monthly bills. Engaging customers across entire service territories was challenging and limited in its perceived value. Catalyzed partly by technological advancements in the smart grid and broader digital economy, however, customers across the nation recently have come to expect increasingly better service and proactive engagement from their utilities.