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plug loads

Managing Plug Loads in Commercial Buildings

Will Plug Loads Be the Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency? Energy Manager Today, January 6, 2016. Image credit: Keoni Cabral The first vital statistic is how much energy is being wasted. At, Enlighted Vice President of Business Development Zach Gentry posted the results of a survey of 11 buildings it conducted in San Francisco. The

unwrapping energy efficient gifts

Unwrapping Energy Efficient Gifts This Holiday Season

A Zondits Guide to Making Your New Gadget or Device the Most Energy Efficient Gift of the Season Amanda Gassé for Zondits, December 10, 2015. Image credit: Emily Orpin The holiday shopping season is in full swing and for many consumers this is the biggest season for buying electronics. While the hottest gifts are in electronics


What’s the Payback Period for Energy-Efficient Appliances?

Should you buy energy-efficient appliances sooner or later? Bankrate, October 18, 2015. Image credit: Chris Smith A new refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer, water heater or other appliance is a major expense. Models that use less energy should cost less to operate than comparable models that aren’t energy-efficient. Tie together the upfront and operating costs,


Orison Energy Introduces the Future for Household Energy Storage

Orison Energy’s home batteries could make it cheaper to power your appliances Gizmag, August 27, 2015. Image credit: Orison Energy The laws of supply and demand – maybe with a pinch of capitalism – generally dictate how much homes and businesses might spend per month on power. As such, consumers can expect to pay a premium


Energy Saving Tips to Keep Your Electricity Bill as Cool as Your Refrigerator

Energy efficiency and your refrigerator Cobb EMC. Image credit: Dave Baker Summer months are great for grilling. And that means you don’t have to use electricity to operate the oven or stove – or cool a hot kitchen. But don’t stop with energy efficient cooking methods. Consider how you can conserve and save money while cooling

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Standard to Manage Internal Heat Gains from Plug Loads

New Standard Provides Method for Determining Heat Gain of Office Equipment ACHR News, May 25, 2015. Image credit: Gazebo Growing use of plug loads in buildings as well as insufficient data on how much energy they generate present a challenge to engineers in determining how to best cool a building. ASHRAE has announced a new

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Vampire Appliances and Electronics Cost Americans Billions

Vampire power costs Americans $19 billion in electricity every year Treehugger, May 12, 2015. Image credit: OpenClips A new report from the National Resource Defense Council states that Americans are spending $19 billion a year in electricity costs from vampire appliances and electronics. That comes down to $165 per household on average, but could cost