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Commercial Coffee Brewers Added to an ENERGY STAR Program

Commercial Coffee Brewers Added to an ENERGY STAR Program

Commercial Coffee Brewers Now Eligible Energy Star, July 27, 2016 On July 8, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized an ENERGY STAR specification adding commercial coffee brewers to the program. Coffee brewers are found in nearly every commercial establishment, from office buildings to hotels. The strict new energy efficiency requirements these products will have

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Improving the Efficiency of Pay-TV Set Top Boxes

Wheeler: Set-Top Plan Is Energy Efficient Broadcasting & Cable, July 21, 2016 FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has assured Capitol Hill that the FCC’s “unlock the box” set-top proposal will reduce energy consumption. That came in a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) just published on the FCC’s website. “I share your interest in ensuring that

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Managing Office Plug Loads

5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Plug Load New Buildings Institute Step 1: Review Start smart by gathering your data. Who are your stakeholders? Identify who in your office should be involved in decisions about plug-load devices. Stakeholder expertise is critical to achieving buy-in. What is your budget, and what are your goals? Your plan

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New DOE Standards Address the Battery Charger System

New Federal Battery Charger Efficiency Standards Will Power America’s Mobility without Costing the Earth NRDC, May 9, 2016 Small devices, big savings The DOE’s new standards, released last Friday, are designed to make chargers more efficient by just over 10 percent on average when they go into effect in May 2018, saving 500 million kilowatt-hours

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EnergyBox Quantifies the Energy Consumption of Mobile Devices

This tool measures energy efficiency of gadgets The Times of India, May 18, 2016. Image credit: Друг – сейф A Swedish scientist has developed a new tool that measures and calculates how the amount of energy that is consumed by gadgets when connecting to the internet to use apps and games, a media report said. Vergara

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Tips to Keep Your Electric Bill at Bay

How To Hack Your Electric Bill Huffington Post, April 27, 2016 You turn off the lights when you leave a room. You unplug small appliances when they aren’t in use. You think you’re being pretty smart about your energy consumption, yet every month your electric bill keeps creeping up. You shudder to think how high

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3 Plug Loads Projects to Tackle Energy Consumption Vampires

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announces 3 energy-saving projects The Daily Californian, April 14, 2016. Image credit: StockSnap Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Wednesday the launch of three research projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency for a variety of electrical devices. The new projects tackle the energy consumption of different types of “plug loads” — devices

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DPR Construction Exemplifies World-Class Net Zero Leadership

The power of zero: How to a real-world Net-Zero office Green Biz, March 12, 2016. Image credit: ccr-mag DPR Construction’s Phoenix Regional Headquarters creates a space that exemplifies deep sustainability in the hot dry climate, on a site that provides revitalization and adaptive reuse. The office is ILFI Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum certified.