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New Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units Offering Significant Energy and Dollar Savings

New Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units Offering Significant Energy and Dollar Savings

New super-efficient rooftop units that heat and cool commercial buildings offer significant energy and dollar savings, say scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. They found that the devices reduce energy costs an average of about 41 percent compared to units in operation today.

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NYC Phasing out Traditional Street Lights for LEDs

The amber glow of the New York City streetlight is going away. In an energy-saving effort, the city plans to replace all of its 250,000 streetlights with brighter, whiter, energy-saving, light-emitting diode fixtures in one of the nation’s largest retrofitting projects, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, said in a news conference on Thursday.

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Walmart Producing Savings with Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

Shortly after launching a line of Great Value LED lightbulbs for less than $10 at all U.S. stores, Walmart announced last week that it will open its first 100 percent LED-lit store as part of the company’s push for nationwide adoption of the energy-sipping bulbs.

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Smart-City Technology Detects Energy Faults

M2M technology is all about connecting sensors and devices of all types — the basis of the Internet of Things — in order to provide a wealth of data and communication, allowing for an endless number of results: alerts for building managers about specific pieces of equipment that need repairs, custom notifications to people when buses they plan to take are about to arrive, and other connections that are only possible when things speak to each another.

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Digitized Lighting Networks

The lighting systems of 2013 would be instantly recognizable to Thomas Edison. Little has changed since his days in Menlo Park, NJ, with even his own screw-base socket and bulb all too dominant. And while the emergence of LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) is spoken about frequently, it is not clear that people understand that LED lighting is more than just an efficient light source.


The Benefits of Advanced Thermostats

Advanced thermostats communicate to the Internet, enabling visibility and control of HVAC systems via the web. Communication capabilities create opportunities for energy and demand savings through smarter controls and enhanced HVAC performance management by maintenance staff. Additionally, the advanced thermostats can integrate with and control other energy consuming systems, such as lighting.

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Breaking through the Glass Curtain Wall to Net Zero Energy

Paul Torcellini of the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) gave a presentation last year on net zero energy (NZE) buildings to folks from NYSERDA, the NY Department of Public Service, consultants, and others who buzz about in New York’s efficiency circles.

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Deep Savings Projects Providing Measurable Savings

Ninety percent of the buildings that will be here in 2035 have already been built. Buildings account for almost 80 percent of energy used in cities worldwide. Energy researchers in the Northwest and Northeast are focused on the same goal: finding ways to achieve deep energy savings in these buildings.