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Philips ‘Lighting as a Service’ Installing LED Fixtures in Capitol City

Philips ‘Lighting as a Service’ Installing LED Fixtures in Capitol City

Philips Introduces ‘Lighting as a Service’ Sustainable Business, January 23, 2014 Washington, DC is following in the footsteps of a bunch of cities that have – or are in the process of – switching their lighting to LEDs. But unlike the other cities, Washington isn’t paying the high costs of making the switch  – it is taking advantage

Lighting Efficiency

Intelligent LED Technology for the Win

GreenTech Media recently reported on a study showing that intelligent LED technology can result in significant savings in industrial facilities. California’s PG&E, the state’s largest utility, took a detailed look at a networked LED system installed by Digital Lumens at an Ace Hardware warehouse.

Lighting Efficiency

LED Chip Industry Finally Learning the Lighting Industry

When the semiconductor industry entered in the world of lighting they came with their “chip” mindset: show off the technology, share the specs and developers will do the rest. Of course, this has not been the case for the lighting industry which has a decidedly “analog” mindset…

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Lighting Controls to Play a Huge Role in Future Offices

Lighting in the office of the future will be focused on a layered design, which optimizes ambient, perimeter and task lighting to hit energy goals and save the most money with the best lifecycle cost, potentially earning LEED points too.

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NYC Phasing out Traditional Street Lights for LEDs

The amber glow of the New York City streetlight is going away. In an energy-saving effort, the city plans to replace all of its 250,000 streetlights with brighter, whiter, energy-saving, light-emitting diode fixtures in one of the nation’s largest retrofitting projects, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, said in a news conference on Thursday.