Don’t Take Airplanes, Eat Less Beef, and Live Like a Sardine

carbon footprint calculator

A New Carbon Footprint Calculator Measures Your Impact on the Environment

Gita Subramony for Zondits, December 17, 2015. Image credit: Rl

As the Paris Climate Talks conclude this week, carbon emissions have been getting a lot of coverage in the media. But beyond the national policies and international agreements, individuals can make a considerable difference. The United States has some of the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world, and there is certainly room for reduction. WNYC interviewed the Nature Conservancy’s Rebecca Benner on what individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint. The top suggestion is to limit air travel, since planes are big emitters. In addition, eating a vegetarian diet is more carbon efficient than eating meat, especially beef. Also, living in large apartment buildings with more than five units reduces energy consumption because multiple-dwelling buildings provide additional insulation. Are you interested in how you stack up? Test your estimated carbon emissions contributions on the Nature Conservancy’s calculator .

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The Paris Agreement has nothing to do with climate change, if you read it you will see that the US as well as other nations were simply being used as funding for other nations to start a climate program. By not being a part of it does not mean the US will ignore its duties to protect our planet , all it means is US 1st others 2nd. If you feel its your duty to pay out of your pocket to fund the Paris Agreement you go right ahead. I do not want my taxes or my business to pay for it. America 1st, make made in the USA mean something again

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